700 Days of So
700 Days of So

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just a heads up

The Portland Art Museum is having FREE ADMISSION starting at 5PM tomorrow, April 25th for the last friday of the month. 

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i will find my way.

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a few photography series and installments i’m going to work on as of April 23rd, entitled..

1. “Identity”  2. “Wetlands” 3. “Castles”

these projects will accumulate about one to three months of work, about 30 photographs each.

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i’ve been considering getting a minor in architecture and straying away from graphic design. it’s so cliche for a typical art student to lean towards a career in digital/visual/graphic design so i was looking to try something out the ordinary. i’m currently taking a 2D design course and was partner out with an architecture graduate who was completing a double major in, i believe was ceramics or some art practice, i forget. but anyways we were speaking about the program and process of what an architecture major involved and she explained about how much she disliked it. she said that it involved a lot of complex and repetitive 2D design work. architecture students would spend around 70 hours or so a week finishing projects and designs. she even mentioned how, after five years of schooling, she doesn’t even know how to build or design a building. she continue to say, in her personal option, the turn around for a graduate to actually become an ideal architect was around 10+ years. so i’m not sure about this minor anymore, even though its still a minor. i feel like passion can drive you to do whatever you want or whatever you’re interested in, but when the education and knowledge is fulfilling your interest but isn’t producing the expected results or career turnaround, then it isn’t worth pursuing, in my opinion.

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so i’m at a stand still on what school i should go to. originally, my friends and i had a plan of all moving together in Corvallis. the only reason i was going to transfer out from Portland State was because i felt secluded there and wanted to be surrounded by familiar faces. i’m in my junior year of college and i would probably save a more money just staying in Portland. even transferring to University of Oregon would benefit be more since its a business school, which Oregon State is not, give or take. either way, i’m getting stressed about what to do and where to go. i can’t find a house like i originally wanted too anymore so i’ll be stuck in either a duplex or apartment. considering i’m looking to pay around $500 for rent now, i’m leaning towards staying here until i finish my undergrad then going to UO or out of state for my graduate. on the other hand i’ve been planning out my transfer for awhile now and been adjusting my PSU courses to match with OSU’s requirements. i would have to do much more and retake who knows what courses just to catch up there. four months left.

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it really bothers me when someone asks me for a favor and i go out of my way to help them, and when its my turn for a favor or when i need something from them, they’re nowhere to be found. i mean i had your back when you needed something from me, but you can’t even send back a text to me when i need help with school work? damn.

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