i’ve applied for a Media/Design Assistant and Electronic Communications Assistant job, two separate positions, on campus in Eugene. if everything falls through, i won’t be coming back to Nike until i’ve gained enough experience in the Marketing and Digital Design field. these positions are basically what i did when i was working for Yo! Louis. just a bunch of flyers, banners, mass email newsletter, social media content, and HTML/CSS design work, which i feel like i’m qualified for. i’m hoping the two or so years of social media marketing and design experience can amount to something, i really hope i can get at least get an interview. its going to be pretty shitty, if i don’t have money.

i’m quitting my job at Nike in about three weeks because i’m starting school at the end of september. i feel pretty depressed because that company is a workplace that i could see myself working for in the future. but being at the bottom, working in retail, won’t really get me anywhere and it’ll be so hard to move up. i’m almost done with my marketing degree and i actually would love to put it into good use. there is a current job opening at the University of Oregon as a design and social media assistance for the University Teaching and Learning Center that i think i’m qualified for. this job falls along the line of what i’m studying for and it would look good on a resume for future employers to see. i think countless students can’t find jobs after college because they don’t start early enough to build their resume and gain that experience. this isn’t somebody that i want to be. but we’ll see how everything goes.