a sneaker sole and insole injection mold can be created with ABS plastic (melting point of around 221°F) using a 3D printer for no cost whatsoever, if you are a UO student. although, the process of melting rubber, with materials that contain sulfur, carbon, latex, etc. could possibly have a melting point of around 300°F. if i can find a way to melt rubber at a much lower temperature then i can start to make a pair of shoes. this is something that i intend on designing, creating, and executing within my first year at University of Oregon. i’ve been contemplating the designs and i’m going to create my own, size 7.5 running shoe. i expect to have three mock ups, in which i will construct, deconstruct and reconstruct within each stage/phase. my fourth mock up will be my final sample. i’m looking forward to what lies ahead.

all you have to do is pause for awhile, take a big step back and look at the entire picture. examine what you need to do and what’s already been done. take things slow and don’t give up, patience is key, don’t overwhelm yourself.

for anyone who still blogs or even read blogs or even cares, i managed to complete something i told myself to do years ago. in a little over two months i actually can say i’ve lost a total of 25lbs. i did it. i’ve been wanted this for so long and i have it. its right in front of me and i see it. i’m honestly so happy but i would never expect myself to be where i am, i did it. i really did it„. to some, it may not even be a big deal because i never was ‘fat’ to begin with but i honesty had low self esteem. i hated the way i look and actually got up and did something about it. it was the hardest thing i’ve ever done in my life, but i wanted this so bad and i got it. there were so many days where i felt inadequate, where i would lay in bed all day and was hungry, dizzy and light headed, days where i just wanted to give up, and so many days when running ONE mile seemed like forever. but i worked so hard at it. running one mile became two, two became three, and so on and so on until i could run up to five miles without stopping. i deserve this because i earned it. no short cuts, no cheating, no weight loss pills, no energy supplements no anything but eating healthy and heavy exercising. i feel good. now three more pounds to go.